Our service

We provide 2 services.
‚φRecommend  service
‚Ď°Making reservations for your travel

Please request us on instagram or this website.
We usually response in a few days.

Feel free to ask any questions or share your concerns casually.

There is no charge for using these services, but we kindly request your follow and likes on Instagram.

Recommend service

I can recommend hotels or restaurans or amusement facilities near the area you plan to visit.

You can request us like following example.

"I wanna go Ramen restaurant aronud Tokyo station.
I want to eat delicious ones, even if it's a bit pricey."

"I'm looking for a clean and affordable accommodation that I can book now for a stay without meals."

Making reservations

We will handle essential reservations for popular places on your behalf.

If you provide us with your desired location and date, we will strive to respond in a few days.

Please be aware that depending on the date and location, reservations may not be available.