Local Specialty Food/Gotochi-gourmet

On this page, we will compile information about local specialties from various regions of Japan. You can find recommendations for must-try foods when traveling in Japan.

Osaka 大阪

Okonomiyaki お好み焼き
Takoyaki たこ焼き

           Osaka is famous for its delicious okonomiyaki and takoyaki. If you're into savory snacks, this is a must-visit place.

  • Takoyaki

Kagawa 香川

Udon うどん

                        Kagawa Prefecture, which is said to have started consuming udon around the Edo period, has the highest production and consumption of udon in Japan.

Udon in Kagawa is exceptionally delicious, surpassing udon from other prefectures in comparison.

When you visit Kagawa, be sure to ask the locals for restaurant recommendations and try some udon noodles.

Fukuoka 福岡

Mentaiko 明太子
Tonkotsu Ramen 豚骨ラーメン
Motsu Nabe もつ鍋

Fukuoka Prefecture is renowned for its abundance of delicious eateries. When you visit, make sure to explore various restaurants and savor the Fukuoka gourmet delights.

  • Mentaiko

  • Tonkotsu Ramen

  • Motsu Nabe

Hokkaido 北海道

Seafood 海鮮
Miso ramen 味噌ラーメン

          Hokkaido is renowned for having the most delicious seafood and miso ramen.

The taste is exceptional compared to what you'll find in other prefectures, so be sure to savor the authentic flavors when you visit!

Okinawa 沖縄

Soki Soba ソーキそば
Sata Andagi サーターアンダギー

When you visit Okinawa, be sure to ask the local people for recommendations on where to eat delicious Soki soba.
Locals know the best places to eat.

  • Sata Andagi is Okinawa's traditional food like donut.

Wakayama 和歌山

荒川の桃      Arakawa no Momo

When you visit Wakayama,
be sure to try "Arakawa peaches."

Wakayama is known for its peaches,
but among them, "Arakawa peaches" are exceptional.

The taste of "Arakawa peaches" is so good that it might make you feel like nothing else is a peach. I hope you'll try them.

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