"Ways to avoid crowds"

"Ways to avoid crowds"

This page tells you how to avoid crowds while you are traveling Japan.

You don't need to follow all of these.
If you find something that seems suitable for you, please use it as a reference.

Comfortable time

The early morning hours from dawn until 8 AM, when many people are just starting their day, and the weekdays between 1 PM and 5 PM when fewer Japanese are out working, are generally less crowded and more comfortable times to go out.

less crowded means of transportation

When traveling in Tokyo, simply using trains other than the Marunouchi Line or JR can significantly help you avoid crowds while getting around.

Make reservations in advance

It is important to make reservations in advance when visiting popular shops or facilities.
Contact them 3 to 7 days prior to secure a reservation, which will help you avoid waiting in line. While some places may not take reservations, most of the time, reaching out in advance is recommended as you can usually make a booking.

Move away from big station

You can easily find less crowded and enjoyable dining establishments and amusement facilities by looking a couple of stations away from major metropolitan stations like Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, Osaka Station, Hakata Station, Nagoya Station, and others. Furthermore, such areas tend to offer more affordable prices compared to establishments within the city center.